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Taiwan's foreign ministry expresses regret over China's sanctions on EU

'China should improve human rights situation and remove improper sanctions on EU': Ministry spokeswoman

Foreign ministry spokesperson Joanne Ou. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs photo)

Foreign ministry spokesperson Joanne Ou. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Tuesday (March 23) said it is disappointed with China’s sanctions on EU officials and that Beijing should come to terms with widely accepted international standards and end its human rights violations.

The U.S., EU, Canada, and U.K. jointly sanctioned Chinese officials on Monday (March 22) over human rights issues in Xinjiang. In response, Beijing that same day announced sanctions on 10 European figures and four EU entities for "gross interference" in its internal affairs and for "flagrantly violating international law."

At a MOFA press conference Tuesday morning, ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou (歐江安) stated that Taiwan deeply regrets China’s retaliatory sanctions against the EU and strongly condemns Beijing’s actions, CNA reported.

Ou suggested that the Chinese government accept the mainstream goals of the international community and embrace the universal values of freedom and human rights. Beijing should also stop the persecution of its own people and rectify other issues as soon as possible, Ou said.

The spokeswoman pointed out that China’s sanctions include a number of friends and internationally renowned organizations that strongly support Taiwan, such as Michael Gahler, chairman of the European Parliament Taiwan Friendship Group, and Samuel Cogolati, co-chair of the Belgium-Taiwan Friendship Group.

Ou said that MOFA will continue working with countries with similar philosophies, such as the EU member states, the U.S, the U.K., and Canada to “jointly defend the values of human rights, democracy, and freedom, and spurn the threats and bullying of authoritarian regimes.”

She added that the Chinese government’s so-called wolf warrior diplomacy has brought about unanimous condemnation by the international community. Beijing’s sanctions "only highlight the ugly nature of the Chinese Communist regime,” Ou stated.

Beijing’s lack of sincerity in reflection and improvement only makes the international community and Taiwanese even more averse to befriending China, she said.

Ou concluded by saying that improving human rights as soon as possible and removing improper sanctions on EU individuals and related organizations are the ways China should respond to the firm expectations of the international community.

Updated : 2021-05-11 04:10 GMT+08:00