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Taiwan flight attendant couple caught breaking quarantine

China Airlines to penalize crew members for skipping shortened quarantine

(China Airlines photo)

(China Airlines photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two flight attendants for Taiwan's China Airlines were caught violating quarantine after returning to the country from work in late February.

On Friday (March 19), news broke that two China Airlines crew members, who are dating, had skipped their mandatory five-day quarantine after flying back from New York last month. After deliberately leaving behind their mobile phones to avoid being monitored, they reportedly slipped out of their house to go on a mini trip.

While they were driving on the highway, police pulled them over due to a traffic accident up ahead and asked for their IDs. Upon realizing they had broken quarantine, the police immediately contacted health officials and transported the couple to a government quarantine facility.

China Airlines confirmed the news in a press interview later on Friday and said the company will determine the penalty for the two employees. It said they will likely be suspended or dismissed for their irresponsible behavior.

Earlier this month, the Civil Aeronautics Administrations implemented regulations requiring all members of flight crews arriving on long-haul flights to undergo five days of home isolation followed by a nine-day period of self-health monitoring. The crew members must wear hazmat suits on all flights and remain in airport hotels during their entire stay in other countries.

Updated : 2021-05-11 04:13 GMT+08:00