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Taiwanese pitcher in international spotlight for impressive debut

Hsu Jo-hsi rewrites Taiwanese baseball history with 11 strikeouts in 3.2 innings

Taiwanese pitcher Hsu Jo-hsi strikes out 11 in 3.2 innings. (WBSC photo)

Taiwanese pitcher Hsu Jo-hsi strikes out 11 in 3.2 innings. (WBSC photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Hsu Jo-hsi (徐若熙), a 20-year-old pitcher on the Wei Chuan Dragons, has emerged into the international spotlight following his impressive debut, in which he struck out 11 batters in just 3.2 innings.

In his first game in Taiwan's Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) Wednesday evening (March 17), Hsu allowed just three hits and struck out 11 with 62 pitches over 3.2 scoreless innings in a duel against the CTBC Brothers at Taichung Intercontinental Stadium. Boosted by his dominant performance, the Dragons went on to blank their opponent 4-0 and claim their first victory after the team's much-anticipated return to the league.

Hsu has rewritten Taiwanese baseball history, becoming the first player in the league to strike out that many batters in so few innings. He is also the second Taiwanese rookie to achieve at least 10 strikeouts in a debut and the second-youngest player to collect more than 10 strikeouts in a single game.

Since the coaching staff had limited his pitch count to 70, Hsu was pulled out of the game after 62 pitches and was thus ineligible to be credited as the winning pitcher. Dragons manager Yeh Chun-chang (葉君璋) explained that this was to ensure his well-being.

During a post-game interview, Hsu said he had just followed the instructions of the coaching staff and that he had not expected such a performance. He also thanked the team's trainers for helping him recover from his injuries last year.

According to the World Baseball and Softball Confederation, Hsu underwent two surgeries to remove bone spurs from his elbow in high school and last year. He is known for his fastball, which tops out at 157 kilometers/hour.