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Taiwanese change names to 'salmon' for free sushi

Government warns names can be changed only three times, miscalculation may lead to unwelcome outcomes

(Facebook, 爆料公社 photo)

(Facebook, 爆料公社 photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Several Taiwanese reportedly have changed their names to “salmon” (鮭魚) in order to qualify for free sushi offered by a restaurant.

The incident prompted the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) to remind the public on Wednesday (March 17) that a person can only change their name three times and that a miscalculation will result in the name becoming permanent.

For a short window, a well-known conveyor belt sushi restaurant is offering free meals to customers whose names contain the Chinese characters for salmon, CNA reported. A discount of 50 percent is being given to people with names homophonic to the fish.

The promotion has triggered a discussion on social media, with some disbelieving anyone could really be called salmon. Reports have also emerged of people visiting the household registry to change their names in order to qualify.

One college student in Taichung surnamed Guo (郭) changed her name to “Salmon Donburi Guo” (郭鮭魚丼飯) and said she would change her name back after visiting the restaurant with her friends, per CNA.

The MOI warned on Facebook that based on an interpretation by the Constitutional Court and the regulations of the Name Act, citizens can apply to change their names only three times.

Taiwanese change names to 'salmon' for free sushi
(Facebook, Sushiro.TW photo)