Japanese foodie band writes 'Taiwan Pineapple Song'

Lunch Duty releases song to show solidarity with Taiwan amid China's pineapple ban

(YouTube, 9409toban image)

(YouTube, 9409toban image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — To show solidarity with Taiwan after China banned the import of Taiwanese pineapples last month, a Japanese foodie band has composed a song singing the praises of the tropical fruit.

On Feb. 26, Beijing announced it would ban all imports of Taiwanese pineapples, alleging that “harmful organisms” had been found in the fruit. The move has prompted a groundswell of support for Taiwanese pineapples among local companies, consumers, foreign YouTubers, TV show hosts, and trading partners such as Japan, the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Singapore.

To do his part to support Taiwan, well-known Japanese composer Sawaguchi Kazuhiko and his foodie music group Lunch Duty (給食当番) wrote a new song aptly titled the "Taiwan Pineapple Song" (台湾パイナップルのうた). Sawaguchi was cited by ETtoday as saying that when he heard the news that Taiwanese pineapples had been banned by China, he was deeply concerned because Taiwan was one of the first countries to help Japan after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami 10 years ago, and he and the other band members decided to help out.

He said it only took four days to produce a simple version of the song. He expressed hope that it would bring a smile to the faces of Taiwanese and Japanese alike when they hear it and said a complete version is still in the works.

Sawaguchi then said, "After the pandemic is over, I must go to Taiwan to eat the pineapples while making the new music video!" The song features a relaxed reggae rhythm and lyrics praising the sweet fruit, such as the chorus "Taiwan Pineapple oishii [delicious]."

Since being uploaded on March 8, the video has gained over 52,000 views, 2,400 likes, and 200 comments. In the comments section below, many Taiwanese expressed their thanks, wrote that they were touched by the song, and welcomed the band members to visit the country.

Updated : 2021-04-12 01:00 GMT+08:00