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Falling water level in scenic Central Taiwan lake threatens power generation

Famous Sun Moon Lake statue of 'Nine Frogs' now sits on dry land

Sun Moon Lake's nine frogs sitting on dry land 

Sun Moon Lake's nine frogs sitting on dry land  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — If the water level in Central Taiwan’s scenic Sun Moon Lake falls by another 5 meters, local power generation will be threatened, reports said Saturday (March 13).

Central and south Taiwan have been hit by a severe drought following a year without typhoons, with local restrictions enacted and semiconductor fabs having to rely on bringing in extra water by truck.

Sun Moon Lake and the nearby Wushe reservoir in Nantou County play a key role in providing water for the generation of hydro energy in the region, CNA reported. Low water levels in the lake have led to a landmark statue of nine frogs sitting on top of each other emerging completely from the water, with weeds growing on the land around them, reports said.

Some piers serving tourist boats have been closed, and a former indigenous village once buried at the bottom of the lake has also become visible.

The water level has dropped from its normal 748.48 meters by 10 m to 737.69 m. According to government regulations, a fall to 735 m will trigger an emergency meeting of the water authorities, while a level below 732 m will make the production of electricity more difficult.

The absolute minimum level necessary for hydro energy was 727 m, though officials estimated the water level was unlikely to fall that low due to changes made to allow more water to enter the system from upstream.

Updated : 2021-05-14 04:23 GMT+08:00