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Taiwan rejects residency permit for pro-China Hong Kong producer

Relevant law prevents application from being accepted: National Immigration Agency

Charles Heung (right) with Jacky Heung (left) and Chen Lan (Facebook, Jacky Heung photo) 

Charles Heung (right) with Jacky Heung (left) and Chen Lan (Facebook, Jacky Heung photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The application of pro-Chinese Hong Kong movie producer Charles Heung (向華強) and his son to stay in Taiwan on a dependent visa has been rejected, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) announced Thursday (Feb. 25).

The news of Heung’s application met with opposition in Taiwan last December, as he is known for his public support of China’s national security law for Hong Kong. His Taiwanese wife, Chen Lan (陳嵐), publicly criticized students protesting against the territory’s proposal for an extradition agreement with Beijing.

In addition, their son Jacky Heung (向佐) is a member of the Communist Party-linked All-China Youth Federation. Some have argued that people with close links to Beijing should not be allowed to stay in Taiwan.

Following consultations between relevant government bodies and a study of the Regulations Governing Permits for People from Hong Kong and Macau Setting up Residence or Permanent Residence in the Republic of China, the NIA said Thursday that the application had been turned down, CNA reported.

Heung and his son entered Taiwan in September on work visas, which allowed them to stay for three months followed by one three-month extension.

Updated : 2021-04-20 18:51 GMT+08:00