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Bus services to Wuling Farm in central Taiwan for cherry blossom season

Package tour includes a round-trip ticket and admission to the farm

(Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation Co photo)

(Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation Co photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation Co. is operating a bus service package tour from Taipei and Yilan County to Wuling Farm in central Taiwan during the 2021 Wuling Farm Cherry Blossom Festival, which takes place from Friday (Feb. 12) to March 1.

The farm is a favorite cherry blossom viewing destination for many Taiwanese, as it boasts 21,000 cherry blossom trees, with more than 10 different varieties. The farm is expecting one of the most stunning shows in recent years, with 70 percent of the pink variety having already bloomed, according to the CNA report.

The package includes a round-trip ticket and admission to the farm. Members of the public can take the bus from: Taipei Main Station, Taipei City Hall Bus Station, Yilan Bus Station, Luodong Bus Station, and Sanxiang sports field.

As for ticket prices, timetable, and service frequency, please check this site. Tickets can be purchased at Kuo-Kuang ticket windows, all convenience chain stores, via the Klook site and the Taipei Bus Station app (TBS臺北轉運‪站‬), according to the report.