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How can art industry thrive post-pandemic?

English-language online series 'Art Connect' features Asian artists discuss how art industry can flourish after COVID-19

“Art Connect” features Asian artists’ personal experiences. (Bamboo Curtain Studio photo)

“Art Connect” features Asian artists’ personal experiences. (Bamboo Curtain Studio photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A series of online English broadcasts features artists from Southeast Asian countries talking about how the art industry can thrive post-pandemic.

"Art Connect," co-produced by the Ministry of Culture and Taiwanese art studio Bamboo Curtain Studio (竹圍工作室), has released 13 episodes that feature modern artists, dancers, and art critics from Singapore, the Philippines, and elsewhere in Asia, the ministry stated in a press release.

Co-host Lee Yi-pei (李依佩), founder of Suaveart Studio, and independent artist Yao Yu-ting (姚羽亭) invited the guests to share their views on how the pandemic has changed the art world and what those working in the industry should do to survive.

Bamboo Curtain Studio noted that a lot of art spaces have shut down and exhibitions have been canceled due to the pandemic. Developing new forms of art is one of the top priorities now, it said.

In the first episode of the series, Hsiao Li-hung (蕭麗虹), the founder of Bamboo Curtain Studio, talked about how an alternative art space has continued cross-cultural exchanges during the pandemic.

On Feb. 1, the studio posted on Facebook about an episode with Thai art critic Thanom Chapakdee, who is also a lecturer at Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok. Chapakdee spoke about the local artists, activists, and students who had crowded onto the streets of Thailand last year to fight for the reform of the monarchy and constitution.

"Thanom Chapakdee shared with us what he had witnessed in the current protests and his action along with other artists to join the movement during the pandemic, as well as the impacts of the current democratic movement and COVID-19 on the Thai art community," wrote the studio.

"Art Connect" can be found on Apple podcast, Spotify, SoundOn, and Google Podcast.