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17 Taiwanese companies win Golden Bull Award

Winners of 2020 Golden Bull Award. 

Winners of 2020 Golden Bull Award.  (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Golden Bull Award, held in Taiwan for the first time this year, has announced 17 winners out of the 231 nominees.

The award was established 18 years ago in Malaysia as a prize for outstanding companies, before expanding to Singapore, China, and now Taiwan.

The three different categories open for competition this year were Emerging SMEs, Outstanding SMEs, and the Super Golden Bull. Entries were categorized according to annual turnover.

A strict selection process has been in place since the introduction of this prestigious award almost two decades ago. The Golden Bull Award utilizes a 10-step evaluation that includes a mandatory audit by the award's official auditor, ensuring the evaluation process is at its best.

The winners were announced in a film that premiered on YouTube on Dec. 30, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the awards were presented virtually.

The virtual ceremony honored and celebrated the winners of Taiwan’s Golden Bull Award for their resilience, strength, and ability to push further than anyone else.

According to William Ng, group managing director of Business Media International and the chairman of the Golden Bull Award, the award goes beyond recognizing excellence among businesses and is meant to unite entrepreneurs from China and Taiwan with Chinese-speaking entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia.

Ng said, “2020 has been an extraordinary year for businesses. It is not by chance that these companies have remained resilient despite the challenges. It takes many years of planning and getting the basics right for companies to excel."

Words from the winners:

“Over the past 28 years, Golden Insurance Brokers (公勝保險經紀人) has been committed to building the most trusted financial and insurance platform. This time, it has won the highest award — the Super Golden Bull — on behalf of Taiwanese enterprises. It is also the only company in the industry that has won the award. To be recognized internationally is also an affirmation of Taiwan’s insurance industry as a whole, an affirmation of the success of the second generation of entrepreneurs, and the biggest incentive for all partners of Golden Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd.”

“It's a great honor for Jollywiz Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (樂利數位科技) to win the Golden Bull Award this year. Through the efforts of its operation partners, its e-commerce operations have gradually expanded its market from Taiwan and China to Southeast and Northeast Asia and performed well! We dedicate this honor to our partners and stakeholders. Thank you for the recognition offered by the Golden Bull Award.”

“This award is dedicated to all the people who have joined the journey with Lioshutan Digital Learning Inc. (六書堂). It was really not an easy journey to go on these past six years. The affirmation of the Golden Bull Award is one of the milestones for us to move towards our future goals, of which there are still many to be achieved in the future. I believe our team will certainly elevate the trend of new education to a new peak!”

“Thank you for the recognition of the Golden Bull Award. Riversoft Information (長川資訊) continuously pursues and optimizes SaaS systems and provides high-quality AI services. We look forward to working with our investment partner PeakWork to improve the global leisure ecosystem as well as with our team on a new future for the tourism industry!”

“Sunmax Biotechnology Co., Ltd (双美) collagen has been researched in the medical and beauty industries for many years. It continues to set the standard for and popularize medical-grade collagen. Good products are the lifeline of the team, and our core skill is team competitiveness. Sustainable development is the key to the success of the enterprise. Manufacturing with MIT makes the world see that with steady and sustainable management and ambition, we have created praiseworthy achievements.”

“Wellous (唯樂) has been in the healthcare business for five years. High-quality products and a customer-oriented service attitude have resulted in rapid development and a stable market. This is our second award in Taiwan because Taiwanese pay attention to their health and love nature. They have found brand recognition in their culture and gained a lot of inspiration from it. We would like to say thank you to the dealership network in Taiwan as well as to every customer. Thank you for learning and growing with us, keeping up with internationalization, and serving more customers.”


Super Golden Bull

CH Biotech R&D Co., Ltd

Dolphin Logistics Co., Ltd

E&E Recycling Inc.

Golden Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd.

Outstanding SMEs

Accumulation Integration System Ltd.

Biboting International Co., Ltd.

Chen Da Consulting Inc

Genie Networks Ltd

Genius Toy Taiwan Co., Ltd

Jollywiz Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Lioshutan Digital Learning Inc.

Relee Scissors Co., Ltd

Riversoft Information


Sunmax Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Innovation Biotechnology Ltd

Emerging SMEs

Beyond The Peak Co., Ltd


Rayin Hair

TrenDigi Technology Co., Ltd


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