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Office workers in New Taipei win NT$1 million in scratch game

80-year-old Taoyuan woman also claims NT$1 million from Lunar New Year scratch ticket

"NT$20 million Super Red Envelope” scratch ticket. (Taiwan Lottery Corp. photo)

"NT$20 million Super Red Envelope” scratch ticket. (Taiwan Lottery Corp. photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Four office workers in New Taipei tried their luck on Lunar New Year special edition lottery scratch tickets and took home a NT$1 million (US$35,730) prize.

In a statement released Wednesday (Feb. 10), Taiwan Lottery Corp. (台灣彩券) said the office workers could award themselves with "year-end bonuses" after winning one of the large prizes. It said the four individuals are regular customers of a lottery store near their office and that they had decided to purchase a few "NT$20 million Super Red Envelope" scratch tickets together.

The company said the tickets had been selected by the person the group believed is the luckiest. They were very surprised but pleased by the result, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, an 80-year-old woman in the northern city of Taoyuan also won NT$1 million from playing the same scratch game. She said she had been out shopping for a milk beverage for her grandson when she came across a lottery shop, where she bought a "NT$20 million Super Red Envelope" ticket.

Initially, the woman could not believe she had won the prize. After the shop confirmed her victory, she said she would place a "handsome" amount of cash in her grandson's red envelope.

Taiwan Lottery Corp. said there are three NT$20 million first prizes, seven second prizes of NT$2 million plus a NT$1.93 million BMW SUV, and 520 NT$1 million third prizes in the "NT$20 million Super Red Envelope" scratch game. As of Monday (Feb. 8), no first or second prizes had been claimed, while 103 people had won the NT$1 million third prize.

Updated : 2021-04-23 22:34 GMT+08:00