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Taiwan's DPP slams rival party for recent recall elections

If KMT continues with recall campaigns, public will think party will never 'grow up':DPP

Independent Kaohsiung City Councilor Huang Chie (left).

Independent Kaohsiung City Councilor Huang Chie (left). (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In the wake of the failed recall of independent Kaohsiung City Councilor Huang Chie (黃捷), Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials on Sunday (Feb. 7) stated that if the Kuomintang (KMT) continues with more recall campaigns, it will only make people think that the party will never grow up.

According to political analysts, the KMT has repeatedly called for and promoted dismissals of rival politicians, with an overlying goal of holding an anti-ractopamine pork referendum. Last month, DPP Taoyuan City Councilor Wang Hao-yu (王浩宇) was removed from office via recall vote. Analysts said that since the KMT has been organizing anti-ractopamine demonstrations for some time, the public has likely grown sick of hearing the same party rhetoric.

Furthermore, ractopamine pork has not yet entered Taiwan, while beef products containing the same additive and approved by the Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) administration have been imported for eight years, analysts stated. They added that people will think that the KMT’s efforts to delay the pork referendum are just causing more trouble.

High-level DPP officials believe that the KMT should stop calling for one recall after another. The increasing number of calls for politicians' dismissals have even prompted Chao Shao-kang (趙少康), chairman of the KMT-affiliated China Broadcasting Corporation, to ask "Is it possible to stop after this wave of recalls?"

As for a further review of the nation's recall laws, DPP officials said that more time is needed for people to have a consensus.

Updated : 2021-04-21 22:16 GMT+08:00