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Central Taiwan city completes MRT Blue Line route plan

Blue Line scheduled to be 24.8 km long, with 20 stations

(Taichung Public Transportation & Rapid Transit System Office photo)

(Taichung Public Transportation & Rapid Transit System Office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taichung City Government has completed planning for the Taichung MRT Blue Line and will submit the plan in March to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications for approval, CNA reported on Tuesday (Feb. 2).

Taichung’s Transportation Bureau said the Blue Line is scheduled to be 24.8 kilometers long. Starting from Taichung Port in the west and running east along Taiwan Boulevard, it will connect with Shalu train station, Taichung City Hall, Taichung train station, and Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s biological park.

The Blue Line will intersect with the MRT Green Line and have eight elevated stations, 12 underground stations, and one depot along the route.

Transportation Bureau Director-General Yeh Chao-fu (葉昭甫) told CNA the cost, including land purchase for the Blue Line, is an estimated NT$12.85 billion (US$4.43 billion).

CNA quoted Yeh as saying the section of the Blue Line between Taichung station and Guoji Street will go underground, while the rest of the line will be elevated. He added the depot will be located in Longjing District.