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Cypress forests attract hordes of visitors to small southern Taiwan district

Popular vlogger recommends pilgrimage to deciduous cypresses during Lunar New year holiday

(<a href="" target="_blank">Aiky</a> photo)

(Aiky photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The scene of yellow, brown, and red cypress trees has attracted hordes of visitors to the small Tainan district of Liujia even before the festival themed around the tree starts Saturday (Jan. 30).

Well-known vlogger Aiky pointed out that deciduous cypresses across Taiwan begin to change colors in December and maintain their hues until the following March.

Aiky said those who wish to view the colorful foliage can take a train to the Linfengying train station and then walk 20 minutes to the site. After coming out of the station, find Tainan Route 60 (南60) in the traffic circle in front of the station, walk about 5 minutes along the street to where the street intersects Provincial Highway 1, and then make a left and continue walking until the deciduous cypress forests are in sight.

For those who plan to drive, the parking lots in the area are free of charge, he noted.

He said the picturesque forests that have become such a popular attraction in recent years are the unexpected result of the Linfengying dairy farm management’s decision to plant 2,386 cypresses on a 2.2-hectare plot divided into 11 sections for the purpose of infection prevention.

The vlogger pointed out that there are several fields of flowers near the forests. He believes photos with the fields in the foreground and cypress trees in the background are the most attractive. He recommended the spot as a good destination during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

(Aiky travel video)

Cypress forests attract hordes of visitors to small southern Taiwan district
(Aiky photo)