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Taipei Metro condemns AV company over mock MRT for adult films

Adult film's depiction of Taipei MRT so realistic that netizens speculated it was shot on location

(Facebook, SWAG photo)

(Facebook, SWAG photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei Metro on Monday (Jan. 25) condemned an adult video platform for launching a series of movies filmed on a set made to imitate Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train carriages.

Recently, adult videos have begun to surface on the SWAG video platform showing actors and actresses performing pornographic acts on subways that closely resemble those seen in Taipei. Such is the resemblance to real MRT stations and cars that Taiwanese netizens on the popular message board PTT speculated whether the footage was actually shot on the Taipei Metro.

In an apparent attempt to draw more Mandarin speakers to its platform, SWAG constructed detailed MRT sets that include the platform, seats, color scheme, hand straps, windows, and LED signs announcing instructions for passengers, reported UDN. To add an extra sense of realism, the designers installed LED advertisements outside the windows that shift from one side to the other to provide the illusion of movement.

On Monday, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) stated that it strongly condemns the company for having shot the erotic videos in simulated MRT stations. It accused the AV firm of misleading the public and exploiting the MRT's image to increase subscribers.

Taipei Metro condemns AV company over mock MRT for adult films
Scene from adult film shot on mock Taipei MRT. (Facebook, SWAG photo)

The TRTC clarified that none of the scenes had actually been filmed on location. It then warned the public not to be fooled by the imitation facilities depicted in the films.

Yeh Chin-chou (葉錦洲), head of the Criminal Investigation Team of the Taipei City Police Department's Rapid Transit Division, said that unless it is confirmed that the company had filmed in public or arbitrarily disseminated the footage, Taipei Metro cannot press charges, reported CNA. Yeh explained that although the video was shot in a simulated MRT carriage, the company had not infringed on Taipei Metro's trademark rights and only revealed the footage to members of the platform; therefore, there is no way to take legal action.

Taipei Metro stressed that it has promoted preventing sexual harassment for many years and has spared no effort in ensuring the safety of women and children. Examples it cited include establishing waiting zones for female passengers, installing help buttons in bathroom stalls, implementing measures to detect hidden cameras, and providing taxi-hailing information.

If an MRT passenger believes they are being harassed and is in need of assistance, they are advised to inform station staff through the intercom.