US State Department highlights threat of Chinese military towards Taiwan

'Washington’s commitment to Taiwan is rock-solid': State Department spokesman

Taiwan F-16 monitoring Chinese military aircraft.

Taiwan F-16 monitoring Chinese military aircraft. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The U.S. State Department on Saturday (Jan. 23) released a press statement highlighting the threat China’s military poses against Taiwan and the region’s peace and stability.

Ned Price, State Department spokesman, stated on Saturday that the U.S. is concerned with China’s ongoing intimidation of its neighbors, namely Taiwan. He urged Beijing to “cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure against Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan’s democratically elected representatives.”

He then assured that Washington would stand by its friends and allies in the Indo-Pacific region to advance “shared prosperity, security, and values,” which includes deepening relations with Taiwan.

The spokesman stated that the U.S. will continue supporting a peaceful resolution of cross-strait issues, which are in line with the interests of Taiwan. He continued by saying the U.S. will maintain its “longstanding commitments” as defined in the Three Communiqués, the Taiwan Relations Act, and the Six Assurances.

Price concluded by saying Washington will continue to ensure Taiwan has a sufficient self-defense capability and that Washington’s commitment to Taiwan is “rock-solid” and “contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and within the region.”

Price’s statements come the same day Taiwan recorded 13 incursions by Chinese military planes into its air defense identification zone (ADIZ), the most of any such incidents within one day so far this year. Since mid-September of last year, China has been regularly sending planes into Taiwan’s ADIZ, with most instances occurring in the southwest corner of the zone and consisting of one to three aircraft.

Updated : 2021-03-04 09:28 GMT+08:00