Taipei 101 office evacuated after contact with Covid case

Accounting firm in Taipei 101 evacuated after confirmed case found to have visited twice

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An accounting firm has been forced to close down after one of its employees was found to have come in contact with a confirmed coronavirus case.

As the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) carries out contact tracing for a hospital cluster infection, it has identified seven relatives of Cases 864 and 865, who are the husband and daughter of Case No. 863, a nurse who works at the same hospital as Case No. 838, a physician who was the first person in the cluster. According to the CECC, one of these seven relatives is an employee of an accounting firm based in Taipei 101 and came in contact with the infected persons.

Specifically, the employee had come in contact with Case No. 864 on Jan. 16 and 17. According to the firm, the employee entered the office on Jan. 18 and came in contact with 10 employees.

That same afternoon, the employee was notified that they were a contact of the hospital cluster infection and informed the company. The firm sent the employee home and asked 10 other employees who they met with to also begin self-health monitoring as they work from home.

The company emphasized that none of the 11 employees came in direct contact with customers and all of them are currently in "good health." As for follow-up measures, the firm stated that it will continue to monitor the health status of the quarantined persons each day.

It stated that the office where the employees had been working has been disinfected. On Thursday (Jan. 21), a large-scale disinfection operation will be carried out throughout the firm.

Updated : 2021-03-04 08:17 GMT+08:00