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Taiwan’s Taitung most welcoming region on earth:

Site encourages travelers to Taitung to visit multiple tribes

(Taitung County Government photo)

(Taitung County Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Taitung County tops the list of most welcoming regions in the world, according to online accommodation booking site’s 2021 Traveler Review Award.

On Tuesday (Jan. 19), revealed its "Top 10 Most Welcoming Regions in the World" list, with Taitung County coming out on top. The accommodation site described the county, which is located on the east coast of Taiwan, as "surrounded by mountains and the ocean, and perhaps Taiwan's most unspoiled area.”

The site encouraged travelers to Taitung to visit the multiple tribes that are settled in the region for their rich cultures.

Taiwanese view the most hospitable destinations in the nation as Eluanbi in Pingtung County’s Hengchun, Taitung County, New Taipei’s Jiufen, Pingtung County’s Donggang, and Tainan’s Anping, according to comments made on

The site pointed out that based on comments, Taiwanese travelers attach much importance to staff quality at accommodation facilities as well as their location and cleanliness, which conforms to global trends.