Taiwan's DPP expresses opposition to 'unjustified' recall campaigns

Democratic Progressive Party blasts opposition party over its retaliatory dismissals of politicians

Independent City Councilor Huang Chie (黃捷).

Independent City Councilor Huang Chie (黃捷). (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Upon the successful recall of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Taoyuan City Council member Wang Hao-yu (王浩宇) on Saturday (Jan. 16), the DPP blasted the Kuomintang (KMT) over its retaliatory recalls of politicians and called on its supporters to reject these unwarranted removal campaigns.

Wang was recalled after 84,582 voters approved the move and 7,128 cast a no ballot. The DPP council member previously made a controversial statement about a Kaohsiung KMT politician who committed suicide, which made him a target for dismissal.

DPP insiders pointed out on Sunday that as the ruling party, it does not want to intensify political confrontation in the aftermath of the recall. However, they stated that the party will continue to urge its political allies to stick to their posts, perform their duties, and fulfill their promises to the public, CNA reported.

Party insiders said that if the KMT continues with its retaliatory recall campaigns, the DPP will take further steps to reject them. Insiders also called on supporters to refuse to accept such unjustified activities, saying they do not help promote democratic development in the country.

The DPP pointed out that former Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-Yu (韓國瑜) was removed because he had violated the principles of responsible politics and good faith. He declared his candidacy in the presidential election within four months of being elected as the mayor of the southern Taiwanese city.

This was a flagrant violation of voters’ trust and caused a national uproar, the DPP stated. In addition, Han’s approval rating consistently showed an unprecedented level of dissatisfaction in the city as well as the lowest level of satisfaction nationwide. Thus, the citizens of Kaohsiung initiated the recall vote, which was justified, the DPP explained.

The party emphasized that Kaohsiung independent city councilor Huang Chieh (黃捷), who is also facing a recall, is not the mayor, and as a representative of the public, it is her duty to inquire about politics.

Those in support of her recall have listed Huang’s support of Hong Kong's democracy amid China's implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law as well as her frequent wearing of lipstick as primary reasons she should be removed.

Updated : 2021-03-06 10:41 GMT+08:00