Taiwanese police fight cold weather with unusual method

Police officers wrap socks in menstrual pads to combat cold in mountain precinct

(Hualien County Police Department Xincheng Precinct photo)

(Hualien County Police Department Xincheng Precinct photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Officers at a Taiwanese police station have developed a secret tool to handle freezing weather while protecting tourists who flock to snow-capped mountains during winter.

The Hualien County Police Department’s Xincheng Precinct has posted a video to its Facebook page showing not only the hardships they endure in the snow season but also a male officer buying menstrual pads, a crucial tool for staying warm at an elevation of 2,375 meters above sea level, where the police station is located, according to CNA.

Hehuan Police Station Chief Lin Fu-chang (林福長) said that during the winter, the police spend a lot of their time working in freezing weather. Even when bundled up in warm clothes, their feet often become numb from long hours treading on snow.

The police chief went on to say that to stave off the cold, some officers wrap menstrual pads around their socks before putting on their boots.

Lin said that the pads have been in use this way secretly for years and that some officers even take the further step of wrapping their socks in plastic bags.

Xincheng Precinct said that this year’s snow season mission to Hehuan Mountain began on Jan. 1 and will last until March 1. During the 60-day period, more than a hundred officers stay mobilized in the area to ensure orderly traffic and safety, a task made difficult by not just cold but also altitude sickness.

(Xincheng Precinct video)

Updated : 2021-03-02 12:44 GMT+08:00