Taiwanese lawmaker advocates for better environment for job-seeking foreign graduates

International students struggling to find jobs in Taiwan after graduation

International students at National Quemoy University in Kinmen County. (National Quemoy University photo)

International students at National Quemoy University in Kinmen County. (National Quemoy University photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan People's Party Legislator Chiu Chen-yuan (邱臣遠) said Friday (Jan. 15) that the government should create a more welcoming environment for foreign students wishing to work in Taiwan following graduation.

During a public forum on the challenges international students face while searching for jobs in Taiwan, Chiu pointed out that many local employers refuse to hire foreigners due to an unfamiliarity with the visa application process. He invited a few foreign professionals to share their experiences.

A Hong Kong woman surnamed Ho (何) who studied in Taiwan said she found it extremely difficult to find a new job after resigning from her previous one. She said most companies had turned down her application because they had not heard of the points system for foreign graduates in Taiwan (評點制), which allows international graduates to work legally in the country if they demonstrate proficiency in Mandarin and understanding of the local culture.

A foreign man surnamed Chen who works in the media industry said he was once passed up for a job because the company's human resource team thought his visa application work was too tedious. He said the supervisor had promised him the position during their last meeting.

Chiu noted that Taiwan currently has a relatively conservative immigration policy. Although foreign talents can qualify for a work permit and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) by having a salary above NT$47,971 (US$1,713) or through the points system, local companies are often still hesitant to hire them, he said.

Chiu said the government must do more to promote the points system and foster a friendlier environment to recruit foreign talent. He also urged the government to accelerate the introduction of the New Economic Immigration Act in the legislature, reported CNA.

Updated : 2021-03-04 09:17 GMT+08:00