Taiwanese singer Fanny Liu is 'close contact' of Covid case in Hebei, China

Liu under lockdown, watched confirmed case being taken away by Chinese authorities

(Weibo, Fanny Liu photos)

(Weibo, Fanny Liu photos)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Controversial Taiwanese singer Fanny Liu (劉樂妍), who is under lockdown in China's Hebei Province, says she has come in contact with a confirmed Wuhan coronavirus case who was whisked away by the authorities.

As coronavirus cases surge in Hebei, Liu has found herself confined to her residence in the town of Yanjia in Langfang, one of the municipalities that have entered a lockdown in the province. On Thursday evening (Jan. 14), Liu took to Weibo to write "Our small [community] district group has exploded, and one [case] downstairs is my fan."

She went on to say that the fan owns a neighborhood supermarket Liu frequents and that he has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Liu described herself as a "close contact" because "each time I chat with him for a very long time."

The singer said the entire community is at risk because everyone comes into close contact with the man when they purchase groceries. Liu then exclaimed: "My God! I thought the virus was far away from me, but it turned out to be downstairs."

She then revealed that the authorities had taken away the supermarket owner and his family. She said residents of the community had all looked down in horror from their high-rise apartments as the man and his family were put in an ambulance.

In her post, she included a video of an ambulance with blue lights flashing directly below her apartment. She then complained about a shortage of meat and vegetables in a post she uploaded early Friday morning (Jan. 15).

In May of last year, the Taipei District Court sentenced Liu in absentia to 10 years for vote-buying. The offense occurred when she offered to lower rent for a Taipei tenant in exchange for their vote for a Kuomingtang (KMT) candidate in the 2018 nine-in-one local elections.

That same month, she posted a music video to YouTube titled "China," in which she sang and praised life in the communist country. In June, Taiwanese comedian Brian Tseng (曾博恩) mocked her video with a humorous parody called "Taiwan," in which he countered by highlighting the negative aspects of China using terms banned by Beijing.

Updated : 2021-03-06 11:01 GMT+08:00