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PLA conducts naval, aerial exercises

Chinese military holds drills in East China Sea and off Fujian coast

Chinese navy ship in Pacific Ocean. 

Chinese navy ship in Pacific Ocean.  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A high-level Taiwanese military official pointed out Monday (Jan. 11) that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has conducted multiple military exercises in recent days in the East China Sea and in the southern waters off Fujian.

According to China’s state media outlet CCTV, the PLA’s Eastern Theater Command dispatched a detachment of destroyers to conduct drills, such as radar jamming, tracking, and live-fire maneuvers in the East China Sea. Some ships that took part included the Taiyuan, the Zhoushan, and two modern-class Russian-made warships, the Hangzhou and the Taizhou.

The PLA is also still conducting exercises over the waters off the Fujian coast, dispatching attack helicopters from an aviation brigade of the PLA’s 73rd army to carry out target practice and bombing runs on small islands and reefs. CCTV reported that multiple types of helicopters were involved, maintaining a height of more than 20 meters while using thermal imaging cameras and target tracking systems to conduct live-fire drills with various missiles and bombs.

Staged strikes were followed by special warfare drills, such as landing and occupying islands and reefs. Afterward, special forces troops were airdropped onto the reefs for land maneuvers.

The Taiwan military official pointed out that the two military exercises took place near the northern and southern tips of Taiwan. He added that both exercises have been closely monitored, and the Taiwanese military has a handle on the situation.