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50 cm of snow accumulates on Taiwan’s Snow Mountain

Heavy snows force hikers to retreat to mountain hut

(Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters photo)

(Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — 50 centimeters of snow has accumulated on the cirque just below the summit of Snow Mountain, forcing most hiking teams to retreat to the 369 mountain hut for safety.

The Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters said on Monday (Jan. 11) that according to the reports of patrolling volunteers, Snow Mountain received considerable snowfall during the cold wave last week. After a letup in the daytime on Sunday, snow began to fall on the mountain again around 9 p.m. Sunday night, which continued all of Monday, according to a CNA report.

By Monday evening, there was 50 cm of snow accumulation on the cirque, 30 cm in the Black Forest, and 25 cm at the 369 mountain hut.

Hiking teams destined for the summit had set out from the mountain hut, traversed the Black Forest, and reached the cirque. However, due to deep snow and harsh winds, most teams decided to return to the hut for safety.

After a couple of cold snaps, the high mountains in the Shei-Pa National Park have turned into a winter wonderland, with one hiker proclaiming that although Snow Mountain is beautiful every season of the year, it is especially so in winter.

Another hiker agreed, saying, “There is no need to go abroad, as the snowscape on Taiwan’s high mountains is attractive enough.”

The headquarters reminded would-be mountaineers that expeditions should choose leaders or guides with rich snow climbing experience and be equipped with ice axes, crampons, and helmets.

50 cm of snow accumulates on Taiwan’s Snow Mountain

50 cm of snow accumulates on Taiwan’s Snow Mountain
(Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters photos)