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Taiwan stages live fire drills ahead of Lunar New Year

Nighttime maneuvers involving armored vehicles held in Pingtung County

Tanks took part in live fire drills in Pingtung Tuesday night 

Tanks took part in live fire drills in Pingtung Tuesday night  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tanks fired their guns through the night in Pingtung County on Tuesday (Jan. 5) in drills ahead of the Lunar New Year.

The exercise conducted by the Army’s 269th Mechanized Infantry Brigade is designed to improve nighttime command and coordination in the run-up to February’s Lunar New Year holidays, CNA reported. Tuesday night’s action included a simulation of enemy forces occupying the estuary of a river with the Taiwanese military working to dislodge and repel them.

Various types of armored vehicles rolled forward in a pincer movement for a rapid attack against the enemy. The maneuvers aimed to strengthen the soldiers’ battlefield experience, the military said.

According to CNA, the interplay of gunfire and flares with the mountainous scenery made for quite a view. These drills come as Chinese warplanes have been staging incursions into the southwestern part of Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on an almost daily basis for the past few months.