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Video shows cops barely save man from leaping off bridge in New Taipei

Dramatic footage shows cops grab man by ankle as he tries to jump off New Taipei City's Fuzhou Bridge

(New Tapei City Police Department photo)

(New Tapei City Police Department photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Dramatic footage has surfaced showing New Taipei police saving a despondent man in the nick of time as he attempted to jump off a bridge.

At around noon on Monday (Jan. 4), the Daguan Police Station of the New Taipei City Police Department's Banqiao Precinct received a report that a man was sitting on a guardrail in the scooter lane on the Fuzhou Bridge. Officers rushed to the scene on scooters and spotted a 32-year-old man surnamed Huang (黃) already squatting on the outermost edge of the bridge and preparing to jump.

In bodycam footage that was released by the New Taipei City Police Department, two officers rush towards Huang, who begins to lunge forward. They manage to grab his clothing, and soon three more officers grab his arm and parts of his clothing.

Video shows cops barely save man from leaping off bridge in New Taipei
Officers holding onto Huang's clothing. (New Taipei City Police Department screenshot)

The officers plead with Huang to calm down. However, Huang strips off his vest and shirt and plunges backward towards the Dahan River.

Fortunately, two officers managed to cling to his right ankle and wedge his foot between a concrete slab and steel girder. While his body fell backward, his arms flailing outward, their firm grip on his ankle prevented him from falling.

The video then cuts to police officers and firemen pulling Huang back onto the road. The final segment of the video shows Huang being escorted by two officers to an ambulance with noticeable abrasions on his back.

Video shows cops barely save man from leaping off bridge in New Taipei
Officer clings to man's legs. (New Taipei City Police Department photo)

Police said that Huang had traveled north from central Taiwan to meet with his girlfriend, but she rejected him, reported ETtoday. Depressed and low on money, his mood worsened after a bout of heavy drinking the previous night, leading to his apparent suicide attempt on the Fuzhou Bridge.

After the incident, he received treatment for his injuries, and police have contacted his family to have them carefully monitor him. The Banqiao Police Precinct also reminded friends and relatives of those who appear to be considering suicide to aid them in seeking professional assistance.

Those considering suicide should immediately call the Taiwan Suicide Prevention Center at 0800-788995 or Taiwan Lifeline International at 1995. Foreign residents can call the Community Services Center's emergency hotline at 0932-594-578, 24 hours a day.

Updated : 2021-07-27 14:34 GMT+08:00