Enoch Wu mum on potential bid for Taipei's DPP chair

Running for chapter chairmanship requires 'careful consideration': Wu

New Frontier Foundation Deputy CEO Enoch Wu (Facebook, Enoch Wu fan page photo)

New Frontier Foundation Deputy CEO Enoch Wu (Facebook, Enoch Wu fan page photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — New Frontier Foundation Deputy CEO Enoch Wu (吳怡農) on Monday (Dec. 28) remained vague on whether he would run for chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) Taipei City chapter.

The party will soon hold the election for the position after a six-month delay. Wu has been keeping quiet on whether he would run. However, he said Monday that he would let everyone know once he makes a decision.

To address the issue of the vacant position, the DPP Central Executive Committee passed a new amendment under the "Measures for Election of Party Members" last Wednesday. If approved, the DPP’s county and city-level committees can forgo the policy of requiring a minimum of two years of party membership, Liberty Times reported.

The amendment has been christened the "Enoch Wu Clause" as it allows Wu, who has been in the party for fewer than two years, to run in the Taipei chapter's election. In an interview, Wu said that the amendment last week was the DPP's first step to expanding party participation.

He said the move will serve as a call to action for more Taiwanese young people. As for the upcoming chapter election, Wu stated that there are many outstanding candidates in the party.

He said candidates can take the opportunity to talk about expectations for the development of the local party headquarters but that running in the election requires "careful consideration."

In January, Enoch Wu ran to represent Taipei City's No. 3 District in the Legislative Yuan but lost to Kuomintang candidate Chiang Wan-an (蔣萬安). Despite the loss, Wu is a favored potential candidate for Taipei mayor.

Updated : 2021-01-18 16:39 GMT+08:00