I-Mei CEO pushes for transformation of Taiwan's tech industry

Luis Ko pledges to continue decades-long effort to develop country's ICT ecosystem

Digital Taiwan Roundtable President Luis Ko

Digital Taiwan Roundtable President Luis Ko (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — I-Mei Foods Co. CEO Luis Ko (高志明) resigned from the board of directors at the Institute for Information Industry on Friday (Dec. 25), saying legal constraints have stifled the development of Taiwan's ICT industry.

The food tycoon has been striving to promote Taiwan's software industry for more than two decades as the chairman of Openfind, a software system developer he founded in 1998. In his resignation letter, Ko highlighted the current system's barriers to creating an environment that supports the growth of Taiwanese software companies.

"When the Government Procurement Act passed in 2000, local software companies argued a procurement act that focused on helping the government complete public construction projects could not cater to the need to purchase information software," Ko wrote, going on to say that "Even though the legislature and administration both agreed on this argument, the legal barriers still remain after 20 years."

The industry does not have another 20 years to wait for the necessary change, he warned.

Ko explained he had made the decision to resign with reluctance and that he will continue working with the members of the Digital Taiwan Roundtable (台灣數位科技與政策協進會), legislators, government officials, and private enterprises to strengthen the competence of Taiwan's ICT companies in the future.

Updated : 2021-02-27 06:46 GMT+08:00