Coronavirus-positive Filipina fined NT$10,000 for hotpot with colleagues in south Taiwan

Woman fined for going out for hot pot on first day of self-health monitoring

(Kaohsiung City Department of Health image)

(Kaohsiung City Department of Health image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Filipina woman who tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus has been fined NT$10,000 (US$350) for having hot pot on the first day of her self-health monitoring period.

A Filipino woman who had recently completed her 14-day quarantine ate a hot pot meal with several colleagues and without a mask on the first day she began self-health monitoring. She later tested positive for COVID-19, and the Kaohsiung City Government Department of Health has levied a fine of NT$10,000 for endangering the health of others, reported UDN.

The health department said that the Filipino woman, who is in her 20s, came to Taiwan on Nov. 26 for work (a non-manual labor job) and completed her home quarantine on Dec. 11. She began self-health management on Dec. 12.

On that day, she went to a hospital to undergo a test for the coronavirus at her own expense. However, instead of waiting for the results of the test, she went out to have a hot pot meal with nine coworkers for an hour and a half.

Coronavirus-positive Filipina fined NT$10,000 for hotpot with colleagues in south Taiwan
(Kaohsiung City Department of Health image)

When she received the result of her test, it was positive for COVID-19. The CECC listed her as Case No. 738.

The Kaohsiung health department received notification of the diagnosis and began an investigation into the case. During the investigation, officials discovered that during her self-health management period, she had not only visited crowded places but had also not worn a mask, including when she joined several others for hot pot.

The health department has listed her nine colleagues who took part in the feast as contacts and has told them to enter home isolation for 14 days. As she entered crowded areas, failed to wear a mask, and took part in a large gathering, the health department has imposed a fine of NT$10,000 for violating the "Communicable Disease Control Act" (傳染病防治法).

Out of the 26 persons who were diagnosed with COVID-19 between Dec. 15 and 22 in Taiwan, 53 percent did not test positive until they were in their self-health monitoring phase. The department reminds the public that persons undergoing self-health management should avoid public places and participating in large gatherings, such as the New Year's Eve festivities, and should wear a mask whenever venturing out or face heavy fines.

Updated : 2021-01-28 14:34 GMT+08:00