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German MP sports T-shirt supporting Taiwan

Lawmaker wears shirt showing solidarity with China's most feared 'Three T's'

(Facebook, Daniela Kluckert photos)

(Facebook, Daniela Kluckert photos)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — German parliamentarian Daniela Kluckert on Thursday (Dec. 16) posted a photo of herself showing support for democracy in Hong Kong, Tibet, and Taiwan.

Kluckert, a member of the Free Democratic Party who backed Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization (WHO) in April, took to Facebook on Dec. 16 to speak out in support of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong and democracy in Tibet and Taiwan. In the post, she included photos of herself wearing a red T-shirt, the front of which states "Ich bin ein Hongkonger," which in German means "I am a Hongkonger," while the back reads "We are Tibet, Tiananmen, Taiwan."

In the post, Kluckert pointed out that the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights that Germans hold dear do not exist in China. She wrote that China’s aggressive behavior against individuals and other countries is escalating in "terrifying ways."

She asserted that the prison sentences handed down to Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong (黃之鋒), Agnes Chow (周庭), and Ivan Lam (林朗彥) were meant to serve as a "deterrent signal." However, she stressed that such a draconian measure should not cause supporters of democracy to retreat.

She then called on her supporters to fight to ensure that the people of Hong Kong, Tibet, and Taiwan can live in a democratic society "without fear."

The slogan on the front hearkens back to John F. Kennedy's famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech, which is widely regarded as the most famous anti-communist speech in history. The back of the T-shirt includes not only Tibet and Taiwan but also Tiananmen, in reference to the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing and subsequent massacre.

During a legislative session at the German parliament on Nov. 5, Kluckert called on her government to back Taiwan's bid to share its experience battling the coronavirus in international organizations such as the World Health Assembly (WHA). In response to Kluckert's latest Facebook post, the Taipei Representative Office in Munich described it as "cool" and observed that Tibet, Tiananmen, and Taiwan are the "Three T's" China fears most.

The office thanked Kluckert for her support and expressed the hope that "more international friends will continue to speak for Taiwan, and that Taiwan will actively deepen and broaden the substantive friendly relations with like-minded countries."