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Riot at Indian plant resulted in less than US$7 million in losses: Wistron

iPhone-maker still gauging damage from incident allegedly sparked by unpaid wages

Wistron plant in India looted (Facebook, MuniswamyOfficial photo)

Wistron plant in India looted (Facebook, MuniswamyOfficial photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese iPhone maker Wistron Corporation (緯創資通) said Tuesday (Dec. 15) that the riot that erupted at a factory in India on Saturday has not resulted in losses as great as some reports have suggested.

A Wistron manufacturing plant in Narasapura in southern India on Dec. 12 was besieged by some 2,000 workers who had allegedly gathered to protest unpaid wages and other grievances. The protest plunged into a riot, and over 140 arrests were made.

The financial losses were somewhere between NT$100 million (US$3.55 million) and NT$200 million, according to a preliminary estimate by the tech giant. The company is filing insurance claims and working with local police in the ongoing investigation, wrote CNA.

The Times of India reported Monday (Dec. 14) that the incident had resulted in losses amounting to 4.37 billion Indian rupees (US$59 million). This included damaged office furniture and assembly lines as well thousands of iPhones that were reportedly stolen.

Wistron has denied reports about the scale of the damage, saying its main production equipment and warehouses had not sustained as much damage as was reported. The Apple supplier is still taking stock of the incident as it works to restore the facilities.

The company manufactures iPhone 7s and iPhone SEs in India for Apple, which is seeking to diversify its iPhone production beyond China. Apple said it will look into the claims of labor practice violations at the factory, wrote Forbes.

Updated : 2021-09-25 00:33 GMT+08:00