Taiwan FactCheck Center warns against fake Starbucks travel mug offer

Phishing message circulating on LINE claims Starbucks giving away 2,000 free travel mugs

(Starbucks photo)

(Starbucks photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC) has warned netizens against a fake Starbucks message circulating on LINE that claims the coffee chain is offering 2,000 travel mugs for free.

Over the last few days, many Taiwanese citizens have received a fraudulent message about the fake Starbucks offer. The message states that Starbucks is giving away travel mugs in celebration of its anniversary and attaches a link for people to see details of the free deal.

In a Facebook post, internet security experts from TFC said the message is a phishing scam aimed at tricking people into sharing their personal information. They added that similar offers that impersonate KFC, Adidas, and Apple have been observed in Taiwan since September.

The TFC experts reminded the Taiwanese public not to click on links shared by unidentified sources or download suspicious mobile apps. They also urged netizens to ascertain the source of messages before sharing them with friends, reported ETtoday.

Jointly founded by the Association of Quality Journalism and Taiwan Media Watch in 2018, the TFC is a non-profit organization that fact checks information relevant to Taiwan's public affairs. The center's fact-checking operation is based on the principles of openness, transparency, rigor, and accountability, according to its website.

Taiwan FactCheck Center warns against fake Starbucks travel mug offer
Taiwanese public warned against fake Starbucks messages on LINE. (Facebook, TFC photo)

Updated : 2021-03-06 05:50 GMT+08:00