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Taiwan Coast Guard ship sails 8 days to save Indonesian fisherman

Migrant worker fainted after meal on ship near Palau, taken to hospital on arrival in Taiwan

The Coast Guard on Saturday completed an 8-day rescue mission 

The Coast Guard on Saturday completed an 8-day rescue mission  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Coast Guard Administration (CGA) ship sailed eight days to save an Indonesian crew member on a Taiwanese fishing trawler who had fallen ill while working near Palau, reports said Saturday (Dec. 5).

The Chin Cheng Li No.1 left Donggang harbor in Pingtung County on Nov. 11 with two Taiwanese and nine Indonesians on board, CNA reported. As the ship passed 308 nautical miles (570 km) southeast of the Palauan port of Malakal on Nov. 27, the Indonesian fishing worker fainted after his meal.

Though he regained consciousness after the captain conducted CPR, the man got a serious headache and vomited. After consulting with a doctor, the crew member was judged to be in urgent need of medical care.

The CGA sent the Hsun Hu No.7, which had been on patrol in the western Pacific, to pick up the man. The two ships met for the transfer on Nov. 29 1,118 nautical miles southeast of Taiwan’s most southerly point.

The man arrived back in Pingtung County on Saturday morning and was immediately taken to a local hospital, according to the CNA report. COVID-19 prevention measures were respected throughout the journey, with the fisheries worker kept in an isolation ward on board the Hsun Hu No.7, the CGA said.

Updated : 2022-05-25 15:37 GMT+08:00