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Faces of Hong Kong's democracy movement handed prison sentences

Agnes Chow, Joshua Wong, Ivan Lam sentenced to 7-13 months for roles in anti-extradition protest last year

Faces of Hong Kong's democracy movement handed prison sentences

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Three young icons of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong — Joshua Wong (黃之鋒), Agnes Chow (周庭), and Ivan Lam (林朗彥) — were handed prison terms Wednesday (Dec. 2) for their involvement in one of the massive protests that shook the city last year.

The three former leaders of the disbanded political group Demosisto were charged with unlawful assembly, which is punishable with up to five years, and inciting others to join a protest that saw thousands of Hongkongers surround police headquarters in June of last year to demand the withdrawal of a bill that would have allowed extradition to China.

All three plead guilty to the charges in court last week. Before his hearing, Wong proclaimed: "We will continue to fight for freedom - and now is not the time for us to kowtow to Beijing and surrender."

Wong, 24, was slapped with a 13 and a half month sentence. Chow, 23, and Lam, 26 were sentenced to 10 and seven months, respectively.

Wong and Lam each previously served brief stints in prison, but this will be Chow's first time to be incarcerated for a months-long term.