Taiwan's National Palace Museum will not be renamed: Cabinet secretary-general

Plans to reassign National Palace Museum under Ministry of Culture have not yet been finalized

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Cabinet on Monday (Nov. 30) shut down rumors that the National Palace Museum (NPM) would change its name after it was said to have been redesignated under the Ministry of Culture.

Li Meng-yen (李孟諺), the Cabinet secretary-general, said on Monday that there was never any plan to change the name of the NPM during discussions of reorganizing the museum. Li advised the public to refrain from spreading falsehoods.

The Cabinet's plan to consolidate 37 ministries into 29 has been underway since 2012.

Only five ministries have not completed restructuring. These include the National Park Service, which will be placed under the Ministry of the Interior; the Ministry of Transport and Construction, which is expected to fall under the Ministry of Transport; the Ministry of Economy and Energy, which will be moved under the Ministry of Economic Affairs; the Environmental Protection Agency, which will be upgraded to the Ministry of Environment and Resources; and the Council of Agriculture, which will be restructured into the Ministry of Agriculture.

In addition, there are plans to establish a Ministry of Digital Development, CNA reported.

Rumors have circulated that the NPM, which currently belongs to a second-level central agency of the Cabinet, may be reassigned to a third-level agency under the Ministry of Culture and be renamed. Li stated via a press release that this proposal has not yet been finalized and will be explained to the public at a future time.

Updated : 2021-01-20 14:37 GMT+08:00