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Taiwan Railways to roll out tourist train fleet in 2021

Five excursion train models will cater to various passenger needs

(Facebook, TRA Lin Chia-yen photo)

(Facebook, TRA Lin Chia-yen photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) is introducing a tourist train fleet featuring various sightseeing themes that will enter service in the coming years.

The fleet will include five types of trains, according to a rail tourism strategy drafted by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). The plan was submitted for legislative review on Thursday (Nov. 26), wrote CNA.

Under the strategy, the company will launch two types of train models beginning Jan. 1 of next year. They include the “Future” (鳴日號) railcars that bear a vibrant design of black and orange and provide high-end dining services as well as another train designed with a jaunty, blue theme to provoke nostalgia.

2022 will see the introduction of another two types of excursion trains, one running along the coasts, the other offering rides through Taiwan's mountainous landscapes. The most luxurious travel experiences can be expected in 2024 when a fleet of newly purchased sleeping cars will provide passengers with overnight accommodation.

Meanwhile, the state railway operator will develop regional tourist centers spotlighting local characteristics to connect the nation's rail network.

TRA has embarked on an initiative to reinvent itself, from service upgrades to image revamping. It unveiled a new trademark for its signature bento boxes in September and opened a concept shop to promote the meals, which are a cash cow.