Missing hiker found dead in southern Taiwan

Firefighters say initial assessment indicates Fu fell off cliff

Fu apparently tripped on Guanhai Cliff and fell to his death.

Fu apparently tripped on Guanhai Cliff and fell to his death. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A China Steel Express Corp. (CSE) employee surnamed Fu (傅) was found dead in Shoushan National Nature Park on Tuesday (Nov. 24), one week after he was reported missing by his family.

Firefighters found Fu, 63, on a slope 200 meters below Guanhai Cliff (觀海崖) Tuesday morning, according to CNA. He had multiple bruises all over his body and fractures on his right leg.

Firefighters said an initial assessment indicated that he had tripped and fallen while walking along the edge of the precipice and that he had been dead for several days.

Police and firefighters spent many days searching near the area where Fu's cell phone last emitted a signal. They concentrated their search around Shaonu Peak (少女峰) and Guanhai Cliff and even went deep into nearby stalactite caves but did not find him.

Fu was reported missing by his family the day after he had lunch with his former classmates on Nov. 17. Police worked to obtain security camera footage showing the CSE employee after the meal. He was seen walking towards a trailhead to Shoushan in short sleeves, shorts, and sandals.

Updated : 2021-01-28 11:28 GMT+08:00