Taiwan-US relations may 'regress' under Biden's multilateral diplomacy: Academic

East Asian affairs expert Shirley Lin says Taiwan-US relations may 'regress' in short term as Biden seeks cooperation from China

Visiting Professor Shirley Lin (Flipped Education photo)

Visiting Professor Shirley Lin (Flipped Education photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — East Asian affairs expert Shirley Lin (林夏如) on Monday (Nov. 23) said that Biden’s multilateral approach to China could degrade Taiwan-U.S. relations slightly in the short term.

Lin, a professor from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and her husband, U.S.-China relations expert Harry Harding, were participating in a lecture on Taiwan-U.S. relations hosted by the Taiwan Forum. Founded in 1993, the forum is a non-partisan, cross-disciplinary, non-profit think tank.

Harding believes that instead of adopting Trump’s “containment” policy for Beijing, Biden would consider the U.S.-China relationship to be a "highly competitive" one. Many Americans hope the Biden administration can strengthen America’s ability to compete with China more effectively, CNA cited him as saying.

Meanwhile, Lin noted that Biden advocates multilateral cooperation, which is "disturbing" for Taiwan, and that China's cooperation is still needed on many international issues such as climate change. Therefore, she predicted the U.S. will ignore Taiwan for a time compared to the previous administration.

She pointed out that Washington will continue to conduct relations with Taipei as it has in the past but that the Biden administration will be less “provocative” than its predecessor in the interest of securing a long-term beneficial relationship with the world. Therefore relations with Taiwan may "regress" in the short- to medium-term.

Updated : 2021-01-27 07:08 GMT+08:00