Indian summer to continue across Taiwan through Friday

Cooler weather to hit northern part of country on Saturday

Indian summer to continue across Taiwan through Friday

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said on Wednesday (Nov. 18) that the Indian summer, or atypically warm weather for autumn, will continue through Friday.

From Friday night to Saturday, weather in the north is expected to shift from warm and dry to cool and wet due to the arrival of northeasterly winds, while the south will continue to be hot and sunny.

Wu forecast that the warm stretch will reach its peak temperatures during daylight hours from Wednesday to Friday, with temperatures as high as 34 degrees Celsius forecast across Taiwan. There will be a greater difference in temperature between night and day during these three days.

Weak northeasterly winds are forecast to arrive on Friday night and will continue through Saturday, bringing scattered showers to the north coast, northeast, and northern mountainous areas and raising the likelihood of rainfall in the greater Taipei area and eastern parts of the country, the meteorologist said.

On Saturday, temperatures in the north are expected to drop due to cloudy and rainy weather conditions, while the area south of Taoyuan will be unaffected by the northeast monsoon and will remain warm and sunny.