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Taiwan Pizza Hut offering spicy hot pot pizza

Franchise teams up with Tripodking to blend pizza and beloved wintertime tradition to surprising success

Taiwan News reporter trying mala hotpot pizza. 

Taiwan News reporter trying mala hotpot pizza.  (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Pizza Hut recently unleashed a "spicy hot pot" pizza in Taiwan, with unconventional toppings and spices that are essential ingredients in one of the most popular hot pot dishes among Taiwanese.

For Asian communities around the world, dining with friends and family over hot pot with its myriad varieties (including spicy Sichuan, sukiyaki, and kimchi) has become a favorite pastime, especially in winter. Gathering around a single pot of boiling broth, feasters gradually add vegetables, strips of meat, tofu, or offal to the mix.

To tap into the deep well of hot pot fans, Pizza Hut is partnering with popular spicy hot pot chain Tripodking (鼎王) to offer a pizza topped with must-have ingredients such as pastrami, beef tendon, beef tripe, and spicy meatball, adding the crunchy mouthfeel of Taiwanese deep-fried dough (youtiao) and seasoning it with sauce extracted from Sichuan peppercorns to resemble a spicy broth.

Taiwan Pizza Hut offering spicy hot pot pizza
(Taiwan News photo)

Taiwan News placed an order for one of the pies and held a staff food-tasting. The judges gave mostly positive reviews: "surprisingly good;" "mildly spicy;" "the flavor is savory, which makes sense for a pizza;" "beef offal and Youtiao are a surprisingly good match in a pizza."

The pizza comes at the price of NT$479 (US$16.80) and is available until Dec. 14.

Taiwan Pizza Hut offering spicy hot pot pizza
(Facebook, Hand on the pizza screenshot)

This is not the first time hot pot has been blended with pizza products in Taiwan. Four years ago, local chain Tino's Pizza Cafe offered spicy hot pot-flavored pizza during the winter months. Last year, a pizzeria in Chiayi served spicy pizza complete with duck blood jelly and stinky tofu.

Also last year, Domino's Pizza served pearl milk tea pizza for a limited time only in Taiwan, the country where the worldwide pearl milk tea craze began.