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Students found group hailing Hitler

Students found group hailing Hitler

Twenty university students yesterday founded an association with Adolf Hitler as its inspiration, and set themselves the goal of turning Taiwan into a Nazi country in a bid to show their extreme dissatisfaction with the continuous political squabbling that pervades life in Taiwanese society these days, according to local Chinese-language media reports.
The National Socialism Association presently has over 800 members on its books, most of whom are university or high-school students, according to information on the association's Web site.
One co-founder of the association, surnamed Hsu, announced plans to invite all members to hold a meeting next Saturday, explaining that supporters will be clearly told that the NSA aims to seize the reins of government.
"We will find a quiet place to discuss the association's future with our members earnestly," the 22-year-old Hsu was quoted as saying.
Hsu, who graduated from the political department of Soochow University last year, noted that she was so fed up with all the political wrangling between the ruling and opposition parties that she and several other followers of Nazi ideology decided to found the association.
It is hoped that they could transform Taiwan into a Nazi country, said Hsu.
The association's views on current policies and events, Nazi philosophy and an introduction to Hitler can be found on its Web site, which has "Do not come in if you dislike Hitler" emblazoned on the home page.
Throughout the Web site, high-school students who have donated their allowance to the association are referred to as the good children of Hitler.
Such an interest in fascist ramblings and such an obvious adoration of the German dictator, who was responsible for the deaths of six million Jews during World War II has raised concerns in academic circles.
Ger Yeong-kuang, a professor at the Political Science Department of National Taiwan University, reportedly urged authorities to consider the problems, such as social disorders, a depressed economy and political conflicts, that have caused these students to take succor in Nazi beliefs.