First batch of Taiwan rice ready for export to Japan

Passing hundreds of pesticide residue tests, 1,800 tons of Yilan rice is ready for export

Rice field (Pixabay, mikadago photo)

Rice field (Pixabay, mikadago photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The first batch of rice produced in the Taiwanese county of Yilan was loaded into containers on Monday (Nov. 10) to be exported to Japan.

Through a collaboration between the Wujie Township Farmer’s Association and a Taiwanese company, a total of 1,800 tons of Yilan rice will be exported to Japan, according to the Agriculture and Food Agency. Among these, 400 tons will be dispatched by the end of the year, with the rest to be exported next year.

The rice from Yilan has passed 611 pesticide residue tests in Japan and acquired a number of certificates, the agency said. The export shows Yilan is recognized for rice for its taste, high quality, and the excellent milling techniques behind it, the agency added.

Due to the cold air mass that frequents northeastern Taiwan, Yilan County is the only place in the country where rice farmers harvest only once a year. When the soil does not grow rice, it is left fallow or used to grow other crops that can keep the soil fertile.

Yet that is not enough amid increasing competition in the international market in recent years. The government has been encouraging farmers to grow quality rice and nudging rice millers to improve their equipment and techniques, said the agency.

The farmer’s association has monitored and controlled the use of fertilizers and pesticides used by local farmers, and it has taken up the responsibility of processing and preserving the harvest. In addition, the association is equipped with cutting-edge milling machines.

The export of Yilan rice to Japan proves the government’s agricultural policy has yielded some fruit, said the agency. It encourages agricultural authorities to continue to help farmers sell their products overseas.

First batch of Taiwan rice ready for export to Japan
Workers load packs of Yilan rice into containers for shipment to Japan. (CNA photo)

Updated : 2021-01-20 22:31 GMT+08:00