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Lithuania's new government to support Taiwan's 'fight for freedom'

New women-led coalition in Lithuanian parliament commits to supporting Taiwan despite Chinese pressure

Leaders of Lithuania's new ruling coalition. (Facebook, Homeland Union photo)

Leaders of Lithuania's new ruling coalition. (Facebook, Homeland Union photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Lithuania's new ruling coalition said Monday (Nov. 9) that it will commit to supporting "those fighting for freedom" in Taiwan and around the world.

The Baltic nation's incoming government, which consists of the Homeland Union, Liberal Movement, and Freedom parties, signed a coalition agreement Monday to replace policies formerly issued by the center-left Cabinet, The Baltic Times reported. The three parties, each of which is led by a woman, together won 74 of 141 seats in the Lithuanian parliamentary elections in October.

In their coalition agreement, the victorious party leaders said they are determined to carry out a "value-based foreign policy" and firmly oppose violations of human rights and democratic freedoms around the world. They further stated that they would stand up for those fighting for freedom in countries like Belarus and Taiwan.

The leaders emphasized that their domestic and foreign policies would be based on democratic values, freedom of speech, and the rule of law. They pointed out that transparency and a high standard of political ethics are key principles underpinning the alliance.

Independent politician Ingrida Simonyte, who is expected to assume the role of prime minister, told reporters Monday that the new government will not only pay attention to developments near Lithuania's borders but also globally. Freedom Party leader Ausrine Armonaite said in an earlier statement that "Taiwan has to be given a chance to be recognized."

Lithuania currently has no diplomatic relations with Taiwan. The outgoing Lithuanian government has not disputed the "one China principle" introduced by Beijing, which claims the nation as its territory, reported CNA.