Taiwanese banquet musical to finish in Taipei

Food served at show, which showcases 'bando' banquet culture

(Facebook, NTCH photo)

(Facebook, NTCH photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The National Theater and Concert Hall (NTCH) and Taiwanese director Fan Chung-chi's (樊宗錡) co-production, titled "Twelve Courses of Taiwanese Cuisine Song," began its tour last month and will end it on Saturday (Nov. 14) at NTCH plaza in the nation's capital.

The theatrical performance features Taiwanese traditional food and explores the connection between food and memory. It will also showcase Taiwan's "bando" (辦桌) banquet culture, according to NTCH.

NTCH stated that the show is part of the hall's annual charity program FormosART Tour, which is in its sixth year. This year's performance will be catered in the bando style, allowing the audience to enjoy the food and the show simultaneously.

The culture of bando thrived in the 1980s, with tables set on the street serving traditional food. Nowadays, the custom is more common in central and southern Taiwan.

The production team wants to transport the audience to times past and explore how people remember through food, said Fan. He added that he did field research across the country to understand the nuances of bando culture.

The musical's cast includes Yong Lea (楊烈) and Tsai Chang-Hsien (蔡昌憲), who have worked together in the past. According to the actors, "the audience may need a whole bag of tissues."

Food will be served at each show. The last performance on Nov. 14 has no entry fee.

Taiwanese banquet musical to finish in Taipei
Yong Lea (left). (Facebook, NTCH photo)

Updated : 2021-01-18 16:53 GMT+08:00