Regent proudly presents the first and only Royal Turducken in Taiwan

Regent proudly presents the first and only Royal Turducken in Taiwan
Regent proudly presents the first and only Royal Turducken in Taiwan

Feasting on turkeys is a common practice during Thanksgiving; this year, Regent Taipei presents an uncommon twist on this classic tradition. This holiday season, try the first and only Royal Turducken in Taiwan- an exclusive feast well-known amongst the US elite and European royal families. From November 1 to December 31 Regent Taipei presents a series of gourmet hampers featuring classic hampers such as Roast Turkey, Roast U.S. Choice Ribeye Beef, Roast U.S. Prime Ribeye Beef, Roast U.S. Kobe Tomahawk Steak and French Executive Chef Noel’s spectacular feat of creation– the Royal Turducken. Guests may also enjoy classic fall desserts such as the Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie. On Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26), 2F Robin’s, 1F Brasserie, and azie restaurant will feature special Thanksgiving menus.

At the same time, Regent Taipei presents Regent Cruise – Thanksgiving Holiday Room Package, filled with curated seasonal games and activities at the Kid’s Zone, providing children and families a fun yet educational holiday season. Guests who stay at Regent Taipei and purchase gift hampers will receive a complimentary Pumpkin Pie.

The “Royal Turducken” – First and Only in Taiwan

The Royal Turducken weighs a hefty 7 kilograms; its outermost layer is beautifully golden and crispy, while inner layers are juicy and tender. The Turducken is a combination of the words “turkey”, “duck”, and “chicken”. As the name suggests, a whole deboned chicken is first stuffed into a whole duck then stuffed into a whole turkey to create the Turducken.

The dish originated from the Roman Empire during the Middle Ages. When the royal chefs were designing banquet dishes, they stuffed a variety of poultry meat into one another to create multi-layered luxurious dishes high in nutritional value and also served as a visual spectacle. This became a popular culinary trend that remained until this day, making the Turducken a decadent delicacy served during major celebrations across Europe and America. Today, the British royal family still serves Turducken during important holiday banquets as it symbolizes tradition and nobility. The dish is equally popular in the United States, especially in the Southern parts of the country such as New Orleans; each year the NFL winning team of the Thanksgiving football game is awarded a Turducken to feast upon after the game.

The making of a “Royal Turducken” is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Turkeys selected require a growth period of 4-6 months, while the ducks used are the renowned Yilan cherry ducks, and the chickens selected are of the free-range local premium breed. All three poultries are washed separately and deboned. Afterwards, the traditional American way of creating the Turducken is followed: ground pork, ground chicken, chopped onion, and more than ten kinds of spices such as thyme, rosemary, yogurt, cream, and more are mixed together to stuff into the chicken. The chicken is pan-fried, cooled then placed into the duck, along with stuffing. Then, the duck is also pan-fried, cooled then stuffed into the turkey. Afterwards, the turkey is rubbed with cream, thyme and rosemary for an hour; once the rub has been fully absorbed, the turducken is placed into the oven and baked at 160 degrees for 2 hours then at 145 degrees for another hour and a half until the surface is golden brown. The finished Turducken has a sweet and rich texture with a mouthwatering fragrance.

Regent Taipei’s Royal Turducken Gift Hamper is NTD8,800. The set also includes two classic sauces, cranberry sauce and chicken liver sauce. Four side dishes include stir-fried red cabbage and green apples, mushroom chestnuts, baked potatoes, and oven-roasted seasonal vegetables. Our popular Roast Turkey Hamper sells for NTD3,800 and also includes two sauces and four side dishes. The Roast U.S. Choice Ribeye Beef, Roast U.S. Prime Ribeye Beef, and Roast U.S. Kobe Tomahawk Steak Gift Hampers comes with handmade mustard seed sauce, port wine sauce, mashed potatoes with truffle, and oven-baked seasonal vegetables; the beef hampers start at NTD6,800. Our hampers must be booked 5 days in advance from the pick-up date.

Delicious Holiday Desserts

Regent’s pastry chefs have re-created two classic Thanksgiving desserts: American Pumpkin Pie and French Walnut Maple Pie. The Pumpkin Pie’s crispy hand-made crusts are baked with almond flour, flour, and eggs, while the filling is made from fresh pumpkin mixed with fresh cream, cinnamon, ginger, and other spices and finally topped with sliced fresh pumpkin. The French Walnut Maple Pie’s filling is made from fresh walnut puree mixed with honey and maple syrup for an added sweet aroma. These classic holiday pies start at 780NTD and seasonal themed desserts start at 220NTD, all available at 1F Regent Gift Shop.

Thanksgiving Cruise Experience Holiday Room Package

The Thanksgiving version of our popular cruise experience room package is carefully curated by our cruise butler team to present another exciting family voyage. Our team continues to provide exciting learning activities such as chick soap making, apple cider vinegar mixology class, turkey gratitude sticker making and more. Our exclusive Kids Zone located at Regent Galleria B2F is equipped with colorful tents and cute children’s seating area, all specially decorated with fall pumpkin decorations and turkey costumes to take pictures in. Our cruise butlers will also conduct games such as Peel the Corn Kernels and Pumpkin Races for parents and kids to immerse in the fall atmosphere.

Regent’s “Thanksgiving Cruise” holiday room package is set for a 3 day 2 night voyage for NTD2,990 per person per night or a 2 day 1 night voyage for NTD3,990 per person per night. The package includes learning activities, buffet breakfast at Brasserie, activities at the Kids Zone, all-day buffet style light meals at the cruise reception room, and movies at Taipei’s only rooftop open-air poolside cinema.

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