Taipei offers NT$30 day tickets for five buses in mountainous areas

S9, S25, S2, Maokong Itinerant Bus Right and Left Lines all offering the tickets

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(travel taipei photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Whether you are planning to go hiking on Yangmingshan, take a dip in a hot spring in Beitou, stroll across the Baishihu Suspension Bridge in Neihu, or have tea with your friends in Maokong, remember that six small bus lines serving Taipei’s mountainous areas can help you with the transportation, and they are offering specially priced day tickets.

According to a Taipei City Public Transportation Office press release issued Thursday (Nov. 5), beginning on Nov. 1, the S9, S25, S2 (including the shuttle bus), the Maokong Itinerant Bus Left Line (Zhinan Temple), and the Maokong Itinerant Bus Right Line are offering NT$30 (US$1) day tickets, while the 108 (including the shuttle bus) is offering NT$60 day tickets, with unlimited rides.

Passengers wishing to take advantage of the day ticket should first tell the driver their intention to purchase one, then use an EasyCard to pay and ask the driver for a pass, which they can use for other rides later in the day. A day ticket for the Maokong Itinerant Bus can be used on both the right and left lines.

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Updated : 2021-01-25 03:44 GMT+08:00