Chinese floating platforms carrying excavators drift into Taiwan’s maritime area

Pieces of wreckage still pose threat to shipping south of Kinmen

Chinese vessels tow floating platforms away from Kinmen 

Chinese vessels tow floating platforms away from Kinmen  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan allowed Chinese vessels to tow away two floating platforms carrying excavators that had drifted into its maritime area near the outlying island of Kinmen, while another one disintegrated, reports said Thursday (Nov. 5).

Strong winds had pushed the three platforms all the way to Kinmen, close to the coast of China’s province of Fujian, CNA reported. The Coast Guard spotted them near the construction site of the bridge between the Taiwanese islands of Kinmen and Little Kinmen but found nobody on board and no danger of pollution.

The Ministry of Transportation’s Maritime and Port Bureau decided to allow Chinese vessels into the area to tow away the platforms. They arrived Tuesday (Nov. 3) and took two away as well as two pieces of the third platform, which had been severely damaged.

The remaining three parts were still drifting in the area south of Kinmen, while the excavator they had been transporting had sunk to a depth of 15 meters under the waves, officials said, cautioning traffic in the area to be careful.