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Parents of Malaysian student's killer call for his execution in Taiwan

'Life for a life': Taiwanese parents of alleged murderer of Malaysian student demand death penalty for their son

Borough chief holding up parents' apology. (Photo from member of public)

Borough chief holding up parents' apology. (Photo from member of public)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The parents of a man suspected of raping and murdering a Malaysian student in southern Taiwan on Tuesday (Nov. 3) expressed their hope that their son would be given the death penalty to provide justice for the family of the slain student.

A 24-year-old Malaysian surnamed Chung (鍾) who was studying at Chang Jung Christian University in Tainan went missing on the evening of Oct. 28. An initial police investigation determined that she had been abducted, and the next day, police apprehended a 28-year-old suspect surnamed Liang (梁), who confessed to sexually assaulting and killing Chung before discarding her body.

Liang's parents initially offered to directly meet with Chung's parents to offer an apology for their son's actions. However, the Chung family, who are currently in Taiwan to grieve for their daughter, reportedly refused to meet with them face-to-face.

On Tuesday morning, Liang's parents issued a formal statement through their borough chief (里長) apologizing on behalf of their son. In the statement, they expressed the wish for a swift trial and that their son would pay for his crimes by giving "a life for a life," reported CNA.

Parents of Malaysian student's killer call for his execution in Taiwan
Liang escorted outside of police station. (CNA photo)

The statement reads as follows:

"To the parents of the female student, we are Liang's parents. The great harm that has been inflicted on you has regretably been caused by us. If there can be a swift trial and judgement that provides you justice by paying a life with a life, this would be the best treatment [we can offer] for you. No matter how many apologies we offer, nothing can make up for your pain. We've really wronged you! We are really sorry that the issues and faults of [his] upbringing have caused such a big societal problem. We are truly sorry."

On the evening of Oct. 28, Chung was walking back to her dormitory on campus through an access road under the viaduct of the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) Shalun Line, when the suspect allegedly placed a rope around her neck and forced her into his car. Although Liang initially claimed he had placed a rope around Chung's neck to restrain her and accidentally tightened it too much during the struggle, he later confessed to police that he had sexually assaulted the victim before strangling her with the rope.

Liang then stole her mobile phone and credit card and dumped her body on a hillside in Kaohsiung's Alian District. He is currently being investigated for homicide (殺人罪) and aggravated forcible sexual intercourse (強制性交罪) and is being detained in Kaohsiung Second Prison.