Storm threatens power supply on Taiwan’s Orchid Island

Island could face blackout in 10 days

Orchid Island's power station

Orchid Island's power station (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taitung County’s Orchid Island could soon find itself without power as a looming storm prevents supply ships from docking, reports said Tuesday (Nov. 3).

While Tropical Storm Atsani has been stalled east of the Philippines, tankers carrying fuel for the local diesel power station will stay away for at least two days to wait if weather conditions improve, CNA reported.

In the meantime, the fuel reserves for the island’s power station have dropped below the safety threshold of 500,000 liters, leaving only enough to supply power for 10 days.

Oil supplier CPC Corporation, Taiwan said it had not yet decided when shipments to the island could resume, as the storm was expected to move closer, with Friday (Nov. 6) forecast as the most dangerous day. While Atsani is not expected to hit Taiwan directly but to move across the Philippines instead, its periphery may still affect seas near south Taiwan, with sea warnings a possibility.

The Taiwan Power Corporation called on Orchid Island residents to conserve energy, while local politicians called on the authorities to pay more attention to preventive action.

If the fuel reserves slinked further, a complete power blackout might have to be called, affecting education, health care, and fire fighting capabilities, they said.

Updated : 2021-02-27 06:44 GMT+08:00