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British party says UK should make consequences of Taiwan invasion clear

UK should end diplomatic ties with China if it invades Taiwan: Former British diplomat Charles Parton

(Unsplash photo)

(Unsplash photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A report published by the UK Conservative Party on Monday (Nov. 2) suggests that the British government would impose severe consequences on Beijing if it invades Taiwan.

The report, which was written by former British diplomat Charles Parton, highlights the importance of setting up a "foreign interference" watchdog within the UK to help prevent espionage from countries like China. It said the government should adopt a different strategy towards Beijing in the face of its increased threat to security.

Parton pointed out that it would not be easy to return to the more balanced "Golden Era" relationship seen when British Prime Minister David Cameron forged closer ties with China. He added that 21st century China has continuously neglected universal human rights and made obvious efforts to influence democracies worldwide.

Patron noted that Beijing's interference in Taiwan's democracy and Hong Kong's autonomy is proof of its refusal to respect international law and freedoms. He backed up this statement by quoting Chinese Secretary General Xi Jinping (習近平), who referred to Western-style democracy as the enemy of the Chinese Communist Party.

Meanwhile, Patron urged the UK and like-minded countries to warn Beijing of the consequences of taking over Taiwan by force. He said members of the global community should make it clear that they will end diplomatic and economic ties with the authoritarian regime if it decides to launch an attack on the island nation.

The veteran diplomat stressed that a forceful takeover of Taiwan would be one of the biggest violations of human rights in the world. He warned that Beijing's resulting trade fallout with major countries would result in a high unemployment rate in China and possibly unrest.

Patron remarked that while distancing from China would not be pleasant for the British government, it is necessary. He said a readjustment in the country's attitude toward China must not be delayed, as the East Asian power is known to "take advantage of weakness," reported CNA.